The Coimbra Hospital and Universitary Centre is the largest hospital in the country.

Dr Jose Martins

Coimbra Hospital and Universitary Centre is the biggest Portuguese hospital having an integrated research, teaching and patient care approach.

Its mission is to deliver high-quality clinical care, in a context of pre and postgraduate training, and a strong focus on research, scientific knowledge and innovation, in order to consolidate its position and a national and international reference in a growing number of areas of excellence.

In CHUC all departments are constantly promoting teaching, clinical training and clinical research in all medical and surgical areas.

CHUC tight connection to the Coimbra University and its Faculty of Medicine, gives it an enormous scientific differentiation, thus allowing it to ensure better healthcare services using innovative processes and solutions.

The emphasis on increasing MD PhDs, R&D partnerships with several Universities including Coimbra University and its Translational Research Centres and the build up of an intellectual property and R&D expertise are crucial tools to achieve national and international leadership in healthcare and research.

CHUC´s excellence centres ensure high standard healthcare services to all of our patients. We made a huge investment in scientific and technological differentiation in order to assist even the most demanding and complex patients.

Coimbra, a seven centuries old university city, fosters a vast amount of clinical facilities as well as healthcare technology companies now united in Coimbra Health, a cluster of medicine, knowledge and technology. For us it´s a decisive and strategic commitment that may bring extraordinary results far beyond the city´s dimension.

The portal that we are today unveiling in the Portuguese Embassy in London aims to be an living and dynamic knowledge and communication vehicle to globally promote Coimbra Health and all its partners.

J. Martins Nunes
CHUC´s Chairman of the Board
27th March