"We could have gone farther"

35 000 surgeries were performed in 2012.

Patient Care


Coimbra: The University with the largest number of Brazilian students out of Brazil.

Almost 10% of the student body is made up of Brazilians.

The 1957 Brazilian students attending have already made an impact on the city.

In only a few years Coimbra has become the most popular University choice for Brazilians out of Brazil.

Currently 1957 Brazilian students are enrolled for their Undergardauate's, Master's and Doctorate's, according to Joaquim Ramos de Carvalho, Vice Rector responsible for the Internationalization. Seven hundred of these students are in Coimbra, thanks to Dilma Rouseuf's governmental program which up until three years ago was non existent.

As of next year law students will be given the opportunity to commute between the two countries for a double degree. Two years will be spent in Coimbra and the other two at The Federal University of Baia. This is, but one of several protocols being negotiated between the two countries. In 2014/2015, plans are being made for more joint ventures such as in the area of Science.