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Patient Care

By integrating patient care with the best in medical education and research, Coimbra University Hospitals set the stage for much of what we take for granted in medicine today... (Read more)

1000th hepatic transplant

Performed by CHUC

1000th transplant

Last Wednesday Emanuel Furtado performed his thousandth liver transplant at the Univestity of Coimbra/Hospital Centre and University of Coimbra (CHUC)... (Read more)

25 years of Cardiothoracic

35 000 surgeries since 1988 until 2012

Gone farther

Since 1988 a staggering 35 000 surgeries have been undertaken at the CHUC-Centre of Cardiothoracic Surgery. 1 846 of them were performed in 2012. An average... (Read more)

Honorary Doctorates

Alain Carpentier and Magdi Yacoub

Honoris Causa

Pioneers in the field of Cardiac Surgery, Alain Carpentier of Paris and Magdi Yacoub of London received the Honorary Doctorates award by the University of Coimbra... (Read more)

The Coimbra Hospital and Universitary Centre is the largest hospital in the country.


Coimbra Hospital and Universitary Centre is the biggest Portuguese hospital having an integrated research, teaching and patient care approach.
Its mission is to deliver high-quality clinical care, in a context of pre and postgraduate training, and a strong focus on research, scientific knowledge and innovation, in order to consolidate its position and a national and international reference in... (Read more)